Water pressure: does a high, fluctuating or low water pressure cause problems? And how do I solve this?

A high water pressure will cause too much pressure inside the tank will damage your water heater.

Fluctuating water pressure or a low water pressure will lead to excessive calcification and create air bubbles inside the water tank. The heating element will be exposed to air causing the element to overheat. Eventually the heating element will crack exposing the electricity inside to water causing a short-circuit.

All of this will lead to replacement of parts and a costly and avoidable repair. The solution? A pressure reducing valve.  

The ideal water pressure for an electric water heater is 3 bar. Flats and apartment buildings often have a water pump to increase the water pressure so the water reaches every level with sufficient water pressure. This results in a too high a water pressure and/or fluctuating water pressure. Especially on the lower levels. That will cause damage, not only to your water heater, but also to your dishwasher and washing machine shortening their lifespan.

Older buildings, houses and farms in mountainous areas often suffer from a low water pressure or fluctuating water pressure.

Please consult your water company and/or your installer about your water pressure and buy your pressure reducing valve right here.

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Pressure reducing valve

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