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Who are your manufacturers?


Lemet PPUH was founded by Leon Pleśniak, in 1978, to supply the local Polish market with products in heating technology. It was only later that the factory started specializing in water heating products. Lemet has evolved extensively and still is, boasting almost 40 years of experience.  With its production facility is in Branice, Opole, Lemet is still a family-owned business that currently employs 40 people. Lemet still maintains the motto: hiqh quality products at affordable prices.  

Lemet electric water heaters are currently sold in Poland, the Czech Republic, the Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Denmark and Sweden. Shop A, our parent company, sells Lemet in The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, Germany and the UK.


  • Nearly 40 years of manufacturing experience

  • High quality products

  • Competitively priced

  • Well insulated, energy efficient product

  • Can be connected as either a hot-fill or a cold-fill

  • Ecoway range with self-learning digital display with a daily programming function (3 time ranges)

  • Manufactured in the EU

  • 2 year guarantee


Wesen is a brand of Nielsen Clima Spain, with over 25 years experience in manufacturing hot water solutions. It was founded by Lasse Nielsen who, in 1981 had to design a central heating system, as part of his final year project. A few years later Lasse Nielsen was commissioned to design a heating and domestic hot water system for an old building in Berne, Switzerland, that was to be converted into apartments. His solution for hot water: electric water heaters. He started  designing a sleeker and modern looking model: a flat electric heater with two cylindrical tanks, thus seeing the start of a new venture, under the name of WESEN.

Wesen initially started producing appliances that were individually designed for the needs of each apartment building. But it was quickly launched into mass production, of various series, of the most attractive and functional water heaters on the market. Today Wesen is manufactured in both China and Spain.

Wesen electric water heaters are typified by their sleek modern design and being user-friendly. These high quality water heaters are very durable and energy efficient, using the latest technology in electric water heaters.


  • Sleek and modern design, one of the slimmest water heaters on the market

  • High quality and competitively priced

  • Manufactured with the latest technology

  • High energy efficiency thanks to the PUR foam insulation of the tank and an ingenious digital display controller

  • Different models within the range, that are either suited for both horizontal and vertical fitting (Inox Flat series) or only vertical fitting (Silver Flat series)

  • Two lightweight stainless steel (Inox) tanks making it practically corrosion free. Unique feature in the industry!

  • Two tanks instead of one, reducing the heating time considerably and solving pressure-related issues (having to withstand less pressure per square centimeter)

  • Because of very little corrosion there is no need to replace the anode any more

  • Lightweight unit thanks to the stainless steel tanks so easy to transport and to mount on a wall

  • Inox Flat Series: First tank has a double heating element. Second tank holds a single heating element

  • Silver Flat Series: First tank has a single heating element. Second tank holds a single heating element

  • Both Series: Power button to speed up heating time by running all 3 heating elements simultaneously. Unique feature in the industry!

  • User-friendly digital display

  • Complete kit with mounting bracket, safety relief valve, screws and plugs

  • 5 year anti-corrosion guarantee on the tank and 2 year guarantee on all other components.


WIJAS S.J. was established in 1971 in Poland as a family-run business. Initially it provided only tooling services but in 1980 the production of household appliances commenced. In 1998 WIJAS S.J. started to produce PERFECT water heaters.

With continuous improvements to their products the water heaters manufactured are characterised by reliability, high-quality workmanship and its compact dimensions. The company is constantly evolving: upgrading its machinery, introducing new technologies in the production process and expanding its sales network. Only high quality components of renowned manufacturers are used.

Each water heater is subject to a strict quality control before it leaves the final assembly department. Products are highly esteemed by customers: Wijas received the Golden Consumer Laurel in 2005 and the Bronze Consumer Laurel in 2006.


Ariston was founded in the 1930s in Italy and started producing electric water heaters in the Sixties. Ariston Thermo is the parent company that markets Ariston water heaters. Ariston is a leading European brand with an extensive range of products for all possible hot water solutions. Their products stand for comfort and are very energy efficient. Ariston manufactures in compliance with all European guidelines with the highest possible production standards. Ariston today has 5 production plants and over 600 employees.

The electric boilers manufactured by Ariston are high quality and innovative products. The most popular range is the Ariston Velis range is typified by the flat (10.63") and modern design. Ariston velis water heaters can be installed both vertically and horizontally. The ECO function monitors your hot water usage for a week and sets up a program according to your usage. The Ariston Velis has two inner tanks and two separate heating elements (1 of 1000 watts and 1 of 1500 watts). These do not heat up at the same time like with its competitive model Wesen. So the maximum power consumption is 1500 watt.

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