Frequently Asked Questions


Who are we? is a trading division of ShopA, a Dutch company with over 5 years experience in selling water heaters in The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg and Germany. Having established these markets it was a logical next step to expand on to the UK market. Wanting to offer our range of high quality and competitively priced water heaters, to both consumers and companies.

We stock the following European brands: Lemet, Wesen, Wijas and Ariston.

Lemet is a well-respected Polish manufacturer with almost 40 years of experience in manufacturing water heaters and boilers.

Wesen is a high-quality and innovative manufacturer, based in Spain, with more than 25 years experience in manufacturing water heaters.

Wijas is another Polish brand from whom we source our instant water heaters. In 1998 Wijas started manufacturing Perfect instant water heaters.

Ariston is a renowned Italian brand.

We work closely with our manufacturers to improve existing products and to develop new ones.

How can you reach us?

You may send an email to:

Or you can phone us, during business hours (Monday-Friday: 08.00-17.00)  020 33 18 17 36

And if you would prefer us to call you back: please submit a request, on our website, by using the ‘call me back button’ and we will call you as soon as possible.

Why are your electric water heaters so cheap compared to other brands and shops?

This is the most frequently asked question.

We are a highly efficient and cost-effective company:  we have a fully automated warehouse in Haarlem, The Netherlands. We work with a small and highly efficient team and we buy our water heaters in very large quantities, directly from the manufacturers, enabling us to keep our prices low.

Do you supply consumers?

Yes we do.

Do you supply companies?

Yes, we also supply companies. Often we get demands for larger projects. Send us an email to for a tailor-made quotation.

How do I order?
Find the product you want to purchase and press the button ‘Add to cart’.

In the top righthand corner of the screen you will see a black icon stating the number of items you have ordered.

Click on that black icon and either view your cart or click on the checkout icon to submit your order.

A new screen will open: this is the checkout page.  

Select ‘New customer’ if you have not ordered or registered with us before. There are two options: you can register an account for quicker ordering in the future or you can proceed as a guest. Fill in all your details to complete your order.

If you are a returning customer and have registered with us please select ‘Returning customer’ and fill out your email and password. All your details will appear, you can now proceed to finalize your order.

Can I place an order by telephone?
No we can only process orders that have been finalized and paid for in our webshop.
Do you have a showroom I can visit?
No we do not have a showroom as we are a webshop. Our water heaters are dispatched straight from our fully automated warehouse. This allows us to save costs and offer you high quality water heaters at very competitive prices.
What is the guarantee on an Ariston, Lemet, Wesen and Wijas product?

The Ariston has a 3 year guarantee on the tank and a 2 year guarantee on all other components.

Lemet has a 2 year guarantee on all components.

Wesen has a 5 year anti-corrosion guarantee on the tank and a 2 year guarantee on all other components.

Wijas has a 2 year guarantee.

In the description with each article you can check the guarantee period for your product.

If you have a malfunction it is important for us to first establish the cause. Once this has been determined we will send you the replacement part(s). Please contact us by email when you encounter a malfunction and supply us with photos so we can quickly ascertain the cause of the malfunction and whether this falls under the guarantee. Often you can solve the problem yourself, with a bit of help from us.

If you prefer you can also send the water heater back to us,so we can solve the problem for you in our workshop. We do not repair on-site as we do not have installers on the road. We do not install water heaters and cannot be held liable for installation or the dismantling of your water heater. But we shall do our utmost to assist you in solving your problem.

Please note that your guarantee will be void if you have not maintained the heater as indicated by the manufacturer or if you haven’t used the supplied safety relief valve. You can opt to use a KIWA or NSF approved safety relief valve. Always use a 6 bar for Lemet and an 8 bar for Wesen.  Never put an 8 bar safety relief valve on a 6 bar water heater or 6 bar safety relief valve on an 8 bar water heater!

Defects as a result of fluctuating water pressure are also not covered by the guarantee. Sometimes it is advisable to install a pressure reduction valve, on the water mains by the main valve, to protect your water heater from these fluctuations. Especially older buildings, farms and apartment buildings can suffer from fluctuating water pressure.

The guarantee applies exclusively on products supplied by us.

How is an energy label determined?

An energy label classification ranges from A to G with A being the most energy-efficient. The energy label will show the energy consumption of your product. All our products are ErP (Energy related Products) compliant and are subject to energy efficiency requirements.  

Tests are carried out using a standard formation in order to make a fair comparison between the various models of a particular product. If you want to know more on how a formation is built-up and how a test is carried out, please click on the link below.

The indicated energy consumption might differ from your actual consumption as water temperature, ambient temperature, usage time, eg. all play an important role in the actual energy consumption. Please bear in mind that to heat your water the heating element will always use full capacity. A 1500 watt heating element will obviously heat up 50 liters of cold water slower than a 2000 watt heating element. But in the end to heat up that 50 liters of water both the 1500 watt unit and the 2000 watt unit will use the same amount of energy.

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