Frequently Asked Questions


What should be inside the box?

All electric water heaters come with a free of charge safety relief valve. You need to use the supplied safety relief valve to retain the guarantee. You will also receive a flexible hose to attach to the safety relief valve. This hose releases the  excess pressure, by releasing droplets of water from the valve.

The box does NOT contain copper pipes and compression fittings or a flexible hose to connect the water heater to your water inlet. Please visit your local DIY store for these parts.

I cannot find the pressure relief valve. Where is it?

Each box is opened and checked to verify that the pressure relief valve is in the box. So we can say with 99.9% certainty that it must be inside the box. The safety relief valve looks like a small tap (see image below) and is in a transparent document pouch attached on the top of the inner box of the water heater. The pressure relief valve for Ariston electric water heaters is usually fixed, with tape, to the styrofoam on the inside of the box.

Lemet pressure relief valve:

Wesen pressure relief valve:

Should there be a wall mounting bracket in the box?

All electric water heaters, except for the 5 and 10 liter models, are supplied with a mounting bracket supplied as standard. This mounting bracket is often prefixed to the back of the water heater. 

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