Frequently Asked Questions


Do you ship abroad?

Yes, we do. Please do not hesitate to contact us, by email (, to enquire about shipping abroad. We will gladly supply you with a personal quote to suit your specific shipping needs.

How much are the shipping costs?

For the UK we have one flat rate shipping fee of £15.00 for all water heaters up to 100 litres. For the larger Lemet units of 200, 300,400, 500 and 800 litres we will charge an additional £50.00. These units will be shipped directly from the factory and usually will take 1 or 2 weeks to be delivered.   

Can I pick up my order at your distribution centre?
Because of our fully automated warehouse in The Netherlands, this is unfortunately not possible.
When can I expect my delivery?

Your order should be with you within 3 working days, after we have received a complete payment. Please bear in mind that a bank transfer will result in a delay in receiving your delivery. The reason: a transfer process can take up to approximately 5 days, depending on your country. Only once we have received a full payment can your order be processed and shipped.

Orders of larger water heaters shipped directly from the factory usually take around 7-9 working days to arrive.

The box I have received has already been opened. Is that right?

Yes it is possible that the box has been opened. Every electric water heater is double checked for any visible damage and whether the pressure relief valve has been included in the box. We want to make sure that we send you a complete set.

There is some water in the electric water heater is that normal?
In the factory random checks are carried out. An electric water heater will be filled with water and is switched on to check for leaks and other faults. For this purpose the factory uses specially disinfected water to avoid bacteria build-up and eliminate the possibility of the formation of legionella. 99.9% of that water is afterwards removed from the electric water heater, but it can happen that a few drops or a small pocket of water remains in the tank. 
We emphasize that we only sell new electric water heaters, so rest assured you will never receive a second hand water heater. We assure you that boiler you have been sent is absolutely new.
Why is the button of my 5 or 10 litre water heater loose?

Unfortunately it can occur, that during transport, the button comes undone. This can occur due to the fact that the bracket, securing the thermostat, moved.

Press the button firmly onto a screw or a silver/copper-coloured pin. Use a screwdriver to slide the button into place over the hole so the button will function. See the instruction video.


How do I report damage?

It can occur that your order has been damaged during transport, even though the utmost care has been taken. All our products are shipped with an insurance (special delivery guaranteed), so in case of loss or damage we will be able to claim compensation. It is imperative that you check your parcel immediately upon receipt, for any damage or missing parts. Please inform us immediately if there's damage or a part missing.

If you are missing parts or your parcel is visibly damaged please report this immediately to us by email, so we can solve the matter. In case the delivery person has already left, please contact the shipping company as well to report the loss or damage. This is very important for a successful compensation claim. If you wait a day the shipper will claim it happened after delivery and no compensation will be rewarded!

When a box is visibly damaged please take pictures as proof and email these pictures to us. Make sure to:

  • Take a clear picture of the damage

  • Photograph the entire water heater with the damage clearly visible

  • Photograph the packaging of the damaged boiler
Can I return goods to you?

We respect your statutory right. You may return your order within 14 days after receiving it.

Please note that non franked shipments will be rejected!

What we DO take back:

  • Products that are returned to us within 14 days of receiving your order

  • Unused products

  • Returned products must be intact and in their original packaging

  • Parcels with sufficient postage paid

What we DO NOT take back:

  • Products that have been connected to the water inlet

  • Returned products with parts missing

  • Returned products no longer in their original packaging

  • Products that are returned to us, after 14 days of receiving your order

  • Parcels that do not have sufficient postage paid

Because electric water heaters are used for drinking water and kitchen purposes we are bound by a number of hygienic regulations. Therefore we can ONLY accept the return of electric water heaters, instant water heaters, central heating combi boilers and solar heating systems that are unused, unopened and are still in their original packaging.

Return address:

Bower Green

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Because electric water heaters are used for drinking water and kitchen purposes we are bound by a number of hygienic regulations. Therefore we can ONLY accept the return of electric water heaters, instant water heaters, cv combi boilers and solar heating systems that are unused, unopened and are still in the original packaging.
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