The Lemet 800 litre high quality electric water heater is manufactured in the EU and is equipped with a 2kW electric heater, but can also be supplied with a 4,5kW, 6kW or 9kW heating element. Lemet has nearly 40 years of manufacturing experience. Producing high quality water heaters that are also competitively priced and can be delivered within 1 to 2 weeks directly form the factory to your door. The 800 litre water heater comes standard with a 6 bar pressure relief valve.

The tank is made of enamel steel and is very strong and virtually stress-proof. The thick PUR foam insulation keeps the water warm for longer reducing energy consumption significantly. It has an energy label B. The maximum rated temperature is 85 °C (185 °F). The Lemet electric water heater is ideal for houses, campsites, marinas and offices. And with the included mounting bracket, power cord (supplied unassembled), a 6 bar safety relief valve it comes as a complete set.

Produced in the EU, Lemet water heaters are CE marked as well as ErP compliant. Lemet comes with a 2 year guarantee.

Technical Specifications:

  • Water heater Lemet 800 litre;
  • Nominal capacity: 800 litre;
  • Actual capacity: 805 litre;
  • Direct heated;
  • Available in 3 colour versions: grey, red and, dark blue;
  • Insulation: PUR foam covered by aesthetic skai-type cloth;
  • Maximum rated power: choice of: 2kW/230Vac, 4,5kW/380Vac, 6kW/380Vac or 9kW/380Vac;
  • Long life magnesium anode;
  • With the possibility of placing an extra external temperature sensor;
  • Ceramic enamel inner wall;
  • With temperature gauge;
  • Weight (without water): 175 kgs (385.80 lbs)
  • Size: 1937/1051 mm
  • Made in the EU;
  • Supplied with a 6 bar pressure relief valve (0.6 MPa) supplied FREE OF CHARGE. Use this valve or the WRAS approved valve below to retain your warrantee;
  • Or supplied with a 6 bar WRAS approved pressure relief valve supplied FREE OF CHARGE. This can only be used in combination with a WRAS approved check valve and WRAS approved expansion vessel; 
  • Ideal water pressure: 3 bar;
  • For vertical installation (so not suitable for horizontal installation);
  • Energy label: B;
  • Guarantee: 2 Year;
  • Delivery time: 1 to 2 weeks;
  • Please note: this electric heater will be dispatched directly from our factory and will be shipped on a pallet to your address;
  • connection diagram;


We can supply one of two pressure relief valves free of charge. Please indicate, which one you prefer by ticking the box at 'Available options' when ordering. The valve with the red lever has a small orifice. You can connect the supplied discharge pipe that orifice to drain of drops of expansion water. The other valve is a WRAS approved pressure relief valve. This WRAS approved valve can only be used together with a WRAS approved check valve and a WRAS approved expansion vessel.

Install the ordered 6 bar pressure relief valve or a 6 bar WRAS or KIWA approved pressure relief valve for the water heater to function properly and to retain your guarantee. 

Using the wrong bar pressure relief valve can cause leakage inside the boiler as the working pressure inside the tank will exceed the maximum tank working pressure of 6 bar. It can also cause excessive calcification inside the tank. Calcification on the heating element slows heat transfer and will cause the heating element to overheat. Overheating weakens the steel and will eventually cause the steel to tear resulting in a short circuit.  

We strongly recommend to install a pressure reducing valve if the water pressure is too high (5 bar or more) or if you suffer from fluctuating water pressure. High water pressure and/or fluctuating water pressure often occur in apartment building, flats, farms, older houses and houses and buildings in elevated areas. Install a pressure reducing valve where your mains water supply line enters your premises or right behind the pressure relief valve. Ensure the water pressure is set at 3 bar. Any damage caused by a too high water pressure or fluctuating water pressure will not be covered by the warrantee.

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Water heater 800 litre Lemet

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