The 50 litre capacity storage water heater manufactured by Wesen is the latest in hot water reservoir technology. The Wesen ECO 50 is highly energy-efficient and is classified with an energy label B! Save considerably on power consumption with this flat design, state-of-the art electric water heater.

The two hot water cylinders heat up to 60 percent faster than the old, conventional capsule-shaped, single tank storage water heaters. The unit has thick PUR foam insulation keeping its temperature better than ever before.

The Wesen ECO electric water heater has a slim, contemporary and luxurious design of just 25 centimetres deep. The smart controller is self-learning and automatically programs to meet your personal hot water requirements during the day. This smart controllers realizes significant energy savings. The two enamel steel tanks are reinforced with titanium to improve strength and durability. And enamel steel makes this electric water heater even suitable for hard water conditions.

The Wesen ECO 50 litre storage water heater is CE-marked, ERP compliant and comes with a 2 year warrantee.


  • Electric water heater Wesen ECO 50 litre;

  • Energy label B;

  • Approximate capacity with normal use: shower for, shower and washbasin for 3. click for calculator;

  • Suitable for: houses, recreational buildings, offices, staff rooms, garages, boats, caravans and motor homes;

  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 86  x 47  x 25 cm;

  • Packaging dimensions: 94,6 x 54,1 x 32,1 cm;

  • Nett weight unit (without water): 25.86 kgs;

  • Weight including packaging: 28.76  kgs;

  • Capacity: 50 litres;

  • Nominal capacity: 47 litres;

  • 2 Heating elements: 1 single 800 watt in first tank/ 1 double 1200 watt  in second tank. Total: 2000 watt;

  • Two smaller tanks heat up to 60% faster than the traditional single tank electric water heaters

  • 220/230 volt;

  • Connection voltage: 230 Vac/50 Hz;

  • Maximum current; 8.7 A;

  • Maximum tank working pressure: 0.7 MPa/ 7 Bar;

  • Ideal water pressure: 3 bar;

  • Insulation: Yes, latest generation PUR foam;

  • 2 Magnesium anodes to protect heating element from corrosion;

  • 2 tanks;

  • titanium reinforced enamel steel tanks;

  • For both horizontal and vertical installation;

  • 1/2" connection;

  • Smart controller with self-learning function;

  • Smart Function: minimize energy consumption;

  • Digital display: user-friendly and allows you to accurately read the temperature;

  • Overheat protection: Yes;

  • Supplied with a 7 bar pressure relief valve (0.70 MPa) supplied FREE OF CHARGE. Use this valve or a WRAS approved valve including WRAS approved check valve and WRAS approved expansion vessel to retain your warrantee;

  • Wall-mounting bracket included;

  • Screws and plugs included;

  • Unassembled UK plug included;

  • Guarantee: 2 years;

  • Delivery: 3 to 4 working days;

  • Wesen ECO catalogue;

  • Wesen ECO manual;


Please use the pressure relief valves free of charge to retain your warrantee. The valve with the red lever has a small orifice. You can connect the supplied discharge pipe to that orifice to drain of drops of expansion water. With this pressure relief valve you do not need an expansion vessel. This pressure relief valve has a non-return valve on the inside that prevents hot water from the water heater returning to the water mains that would create water hammer.

If you intend to use an expansion vessel please make sure you purchase a WRAS approved 7 bar pressure relief valve. This WRAS approved valve can only be used together with a WRAS approved check valve and a WRAS approved expansion vessel to retain your warrantee.

Using the wrong bar pressure relief valve can cause leakage inside the boiler as the working pressure inside the tank will exceed the maximum tank working pressure of 7 bar. It can also cause excessive calcification inside the tank. Calcification on the heating element slows heat transfer and will cause the heating element to overheat. Overheating weakens the steel and will eventually cause the steel to tear resulting in a short circuit.

We strongly recommend to install a pressure reducing valve if the water pressure is too high (5 bar or more) or if you suffer from fluctuating water pressure. High water pressure and/or fluctuating water pressure often occur in apartment building, flats, farms, older houses and houses and buildings in elevated areas. Install a pressure reducing valve where your mains water supply line enters your premises or right behind the pressure relief valve. Ensure the water pressure is set at 3 bar. Any damage caused by a too high water pressure or fluctuating water pressure will not be covered by the warrantee.

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Electric water heater Wesen ECO 50 litre

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