The PERFECT 4500 is a high quality tankless instant water heater with a 5 kW power consumption. It takes a mere 10 seconds and you’ll have hot water coming out of the faucet or hand mixing shower. An unvented instantaneous water heater for commercial and domestic purposes. Forget about installing a more costly electric storage boiler and installing long pipes to supply hard to reach places. A perfect under sink instant hot water heater to install in a worktop cabinet, bathroom cabinet or kitchen cabinet. Join the unit with the cold water mains to supply your ensuite, extension, garage, house, conversion, office, workshop and a commercial room.  


The PERFECT 4500 will provide your sink or wash basin with warm water, but not your shower unfortunately. Bear in mind that in wintertime the incoming temperature will be significantly lower than in summer. That and the flow rate of your water mains will influence the outgoing temperature. Before purchasing the PERFECT 4500 please consult all the specifications on our site of the product. Also bear in mind that an electric storage water heater will provide more hot water that is warmer too than from your instant hot water heater. 

WIJAS PERFECT 4500 is produced in the European Union. A high quality unit that has a 2 year guarantee. You cannot return a PERFECT 4500 once installed due to hygienic regulations. 

Technical specifications:
  • Voltage/ Frequency: 230 Vac/50 Hz- 1 group of20A (Please note, the Perfect 4500 has to have a separate group of 20A instead of the usual 16A!)
  • Current intensity/ power: 20 A-4500 Watt;
  • Maximum pressure level of water:: 0.65mPa;
  • Minimum switching on water flow: 1.4 l/min;
  • Dimensions: 149 x 133 x 75 mm (very compact);
  • Connection: 1/2 inch;
  • Easily connected using flexible pipes with rubber washers;
  • Casing: IP24;
  • Energy efficient;
  • Almost instantaneous hot water (within 10 seconds); 
  • No flue gas exhaust;
  • No pilot light;
  • No maintenance;
  • No danger for carbon monoxide poisoning;
  • Always stand-by;
  • No risk of legionella;
  • No water loss;
  • Made in the EU;
  • CE-marked, compliant with VDE directives and complete with all necessary EC certificates;
  • Includes an installation manual;
  • Ideal for under the washbasin of your house, warehouse, work space or garage;
  • Water coming in at 15°C (59°F) will heat up almost instantly: : 1,5l/min- 49.5°C (121°F); 2 l/min-48.5°C (119°F); 2,5l/min-37°C (98.6°F);
  • Download VDE certificate;
  • Download Installation manual;

Perfect for our small washbasin. Does the job.

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Perfect 4500 Instant Water heater

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