The MIX 3500 instant water heater will run hot water within 10 seconds. An ideal instant tankless hot water heater for both domestic and commercial applications. Avoid long pipe runs and a hot water storage heater to provide a washbasin or sink. Instant hot water available with this instantaneous water heater directly at the point of use.  Just connect to the existing cold water supply and you can provide hot water for a hand wash in your house, garage, work shop, office, ensuite, conversion or loft conversion. This unvented instant hot water heater is an over sink instant sink water heater that you can install above your work top, a wash basin or sink. 

A fast, safe and easy way to produce hot water. Just hook up your MIX 3500 to the water mains and you’ll have hot water in no time. Ease of control with the lever to adjust the water temperature. All you need is to purchase a water tap and you are ready to go. The MIX 3500 is small in size and produces hot water almost instantly without needing a water tank. 
Please note: The MIX 3500 is ideal for hot water supply for the kitchen sink or your washbasin. This particular model is not suitable for showers! The outgoing temperature (max. 40°C or 104°F) depends on the incoming temperature and the volume of water running through the instant water heater. We therefore strongly advise you to carefully read the technical specifications to find out if this heater will suit your needs before purchasing this particular model. An electric water heater with tank will, of course provide more and hotter water.
The MIX 3500 is a high quality, European manufactured instant water heater that comes with a 2 year guarantee. Once installed and connected to the water main you CANNOT return this instant water heater as we cannot take it back due to hygiene regulations. 
Technical specifications:

  • Mix 3500 Instant Water heater
  • Voltage/ Frequency: 230Vac/50 Hz- 1 group of 16A;
  • Current intensity/ power: 15.2A-3500 Watt;
  • Maximum pressure level of water:: 0.65mPa;
  • Minimum pressure level of water: 0,04mPA;
  • Minimum switching on water flow: 1.2 l/min;
  • Dimensions: 198 x 115 x 57 mm;
  • Connection: 1/2 inch;
  • Easily connected using flexible pipes with rubber washers;
  • Casing: IP25;
  • Energy efficient;
  • Instant hot water (within 10 seconds);
  • No flue gas exhaust;
  • No pilot light;
  • No maintenance;
  • No danger for carbon monoxide poisoning;
  • Always on stand-by; no;
  • No water loss;
  • Made in the EU;
  • CE-marked, compliant with VDE directives and complete with all necessary EC certificates. 
  • Includes an installation manual;
  • Ideal for under the washbasin in your house, warehouse, work space or garage
  • Please note! The tap on the image is an option and is not part of the standard delivery 
  • Water coming in at 15°C (59°F) will heat up almost instantly: 1,5l/min of 48°C (118°F); 2 l/min of 40°C 
  • (104°F); 2,5l/min of 35°C (95°F); 3l/min of 32°C (89.6°F);
  • EU declaration of conformity;
  • Installation and operation manual;

We ordered the over sink model as we had no kitchen cabinets to install it in. For a small washup and and a handwash it works fine.

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Mix 3500 Instant Water heater

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